Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue was founded in 2016 in a small home north of Pittsburgh PA. We were unable to easily find local mini pig rescues at the time and had already made a name for ourselves as mini pig educators and advocates. Now, we help one pig at a time: finding new homes for urgent pigs in need, helping owners with pig care (medical, hooves, etc), and finding homes for over 80 mini pigs to date.


Over 90% of mini pigs are rehomed due to unrealistic size expectations set forth by breeders and the unique living/time commitment pigs need. Teacup and micro pigs DO NOT EXIST. It is a scam propagated by greedy breeders. Most pigs end up on craigslist or in shelters, sometimes on the side road. We want to help.


Pigs are challenging pets, however, are wonderful companions once owners are properly educated and can provide a sufficient environment for their pig. While all pigs grow to at least 80lbs (more commonly 100-150lbs), their demeanor and size is absolutely manageable as a house pet with daily outdoor time. We at Pigsburgh Squealers are committed to educate the public about "teacup" pig myths, help owners in need, and take in pigs from emergency situations.


We do not accept owner surrenders.


Check out this helpful flowchart if you are looking to adopt!

All pigs, from mini pigs to farm pigs, grow until they are 3 to 5 years old. Pigs can breed very young, females as young as 4 months, and thus it is very easy for breeders to claim a pig's parents are full grown when in fact they have have years of growing left to do. All pigs will grow to be at least 70lbs, more commonly 100-200lbs. They grow at different rates with random growth spurts! Being a "runt" does not mean the pig will stay small. The parents' sizes do not determine the final size well; siblings often end up wildly different sizes! Underfeeding does not keep pigs small, it only causes irrevocable bodily damage and very short lifespans.

Pigs live up to 20 years. They are herd animals and love having buddies to keep they company. We always recommend keeping 2+ pigs for this reason. Pigs need outdoor time to "be pigs". Fenced yards are a must to keep them in and predators out. Pigs are highly intelligent and can escape fairly easily without secure fencing. Without proper stimulation, pigs become bored and destructive.

Most vets are not well experienced with mini pigs. Call ahead to ensure yours will see pigs if there is an emergency. See our vet list.

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