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The Story of Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue

Our story began back in 2013 when Blue got her first pig Sasquatch from a breeder. Soon after, she found out all the misleading terms and terrible tactics greedy breeders use to sell pigs: starving pigs to keep them small, lying about parents' ages, and false promises about full-grown sizes.... anything to make a dollar. There was so little information available. She began researching on all aspects of mini pig care and medical needs, hoping to help others in the future who needs guidance on the care of these unique animals.


Blue met Zack and fell madly in love in 2014. Together, they started hearing about so many pigs in need: abandoned in cities, picked up by animal shelters, left behind by their owners when they moved, and neglect seizures by humane officers. Blue and Zack began taking in one or two fosters at a time. They started fundraising for each pig's care and campaigned to find each pig a new loving home. They started talking about starting an official rescue dedicated to helping pigs in need, so they began the long search for a bigger property to start on this dream!


Thus, in 2016, a couple of yinzers started the first pig rescue serving Pittsburgh!


Blue and Zack bought a foreclosed property with 25 acres in late 2018. Hundreds of hours of hard work have been put in to clear the property of trash and jagger bushes, build pens, and put up a barn for their resident and foster pigs. To date, PSR has rescued over 260 pigs, finding each pig loving forever homes all over the US. 

Blue Martin-Blue Martin Family-0004.jpg

Blue - President, founder, Pig Landlord & Food Lady

Blue has always been an animal lover. Blue grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. She stayed local for undergraduate and graduate school, getting her PhD in Biomedical Engineer. She now works as an engineer at a medical device company.


Zack - Vice President, founder, Poppa Piggy

Zack is a native Pittsburgher, growing up in Butler County. He has an AS in electrical technology and is now an electrical technician at an autonomous car company. Zack is a talented, self-taught builder and maker.

Blue and Zack met in 2014, married at the rescue in 2020, and (finally) had their wedding reception in 2022.


The Founders

Our Board of Directors


Executive Director &

Chief Financial Officer


Dr. Emily

Medical Director



Director of Porcine Legal Affairs

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