Hey yinz, we are Blue and Zack.

We started Pigsburgh Squealers in 2016 to help provide an easy-to-find resource for those in Pittsburgh region looking for information about mini pigs and homes for pigs in need. So far, we have  spayed, neutered, and rehomed over 160 pigs in need while advocating against the scamming tactics of greedy breeders.

Blue purchased her first pig Sasquatch in 2013, not knowing how to find pigs in need in the region. Soon after, she found out all the misleading terms and terrible tactics greedy breeders use to sell pigs: starving pigs to keep them small, lying about parents' ages, and false promises about fullgrown sizes.... anything to make a dollar. There was so little information available! She began researching on all aspects of mini pig care and medical needs, hoping (and later succeeding) to help others in the future who needs guidance on the care of these unique animals. Blue met Zack and fell madly in love in 2014. Together, we have slowly built the rescue, taking in one or two fosters at a time and helping fund raise for pigs in need all over the country. We acquired a 25-acre foreclosed property in Tarentum PA in 2018 that has been a huge labor of love.


Rehoming is stressful and scary to pigs and it can be difficult to find them a proper, safe environment to go. That's what we want to change. At PSR, we hope to provide education to potential pig parents and support to pig owners to help break the cycle. 


PSR was granted 501(c)3 status in August 2018.

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Blue has always been an animal lover. Blue is an engineer at a medical device company with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Zack is an electrical technician and amazingly talented self-taught builder.

We love our pigs but know them to be demanding pets that are not suitable for every family. Pigs can make a wonderful addition to the right environment and we are here to help you decide if they are the right pet for you.