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  • No food 2 hours before

  • Have your pig contained in a small, clean area with shade

  • Cost is $60 per household + $30 per pig

  • Pay with cash, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp

No food for 2 hours before

Do not provide any food for at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time. If needed, skip their meal until after the appointment is completed. This also means no treats, no grazing on grass, and no foraging of any kind. Nothing but water. 


Why? Pigs usually scream during the appointment (sometimes the whole time). Pigs are prey animals, so any kind of restraint is stressful. Any food particles in their mouths and fresh food in their bellies while screaming can cause a pig to aspirate, choke, or vomit or get aspiration while being flipped and/or restrained. This can lead to deadly aspiration pneumonia. We will not take that risk.

No sedatives

Absolutely NO alcohol, NO Benadryl, NO anything should be provided to any pig(s) in attempt to “calm” or sedate your pig prior to their trim. Most, if not all, OTC (over the counter) sedatives are ineffective. Prescription sedatives should only be prescribed by a vet. Our trims are a completely drug-, sedative-, inhibitor-free process.


Slippery Piggies

Do not put any lotion, sunscreen, baby oil, conditioner, or any other substance on your pig(s) that will make them slippery as this makes the whole process dangerous for the pig and us. 



Please have your pig in a small, clean space without poop or mud. This will make catching and flipping your pig easier and less stressful for us and your pig. Ideally, we prefer an approximate 5ft x 5ft covered space with complete fencing or walls.  Examples include a laundry room, a sun room, a bathroom, a small outside pen, horse stall in barn, enclosed porch, or anywhere else that is secured and leaves little to no room for piggy to run away. 

Please be sure the intended work area is free of straw, shavings, mud, poop, or any bedding materials such as pillows and blankets that could get in the way. 

IMPORTANT: We do not chase pigs. Please be prepared and have your pig in a contained area prior to my arrival. If your pig(s) are not contained and we have to corral the pigs ourselves, we will add an extra $50 fee to the total.

Hot days

On hot days, the containment should be out of direct sunlight and in a well ventilated space. Shaded or completely out of the sun is preferred for the health and safety of your pig(s) and us. Garages work well, fans help (for non air-conditioned spaces), pop up shades set up in advance of appointment for outdoor spaces. Pigs are prone to heat related health issues and being upside down in extreme heat/direct sunlight not only poses risks for your pig(s) but also for us. Indoors with AC is preferred, if at all possible. 

Rainy and snowy days

On rainy or snowy days, be sure the work area is draft-free and that the ground is clear of bedding/straw. Work area should also be out of the rain/snow free of mud, standing water, ice, and snow. 


Multi-pig households

If you have multiple pigs, please separate your pigs for our visit. No exceptions. This is a necessary for our safety and the safety of the pig we are trimming. All dogs and other animals must be secured when we arrive, as well. Often, other animals and pigs will try to attack us or the pig we are trimming during our appointment.


$60 travel fee + $30 per pig. This price includes hoof trim, tusk trim (if needed), dental exam, ear cleaning, and medical/nutritional consult. We accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and Zelle.  100% of the hoof trim proceeds go to our nonprofit rescue.

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