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Your pig's diet - grain

Q: What brand of pig pellets should you feed your pig?

A: Any good quality mini (or potbelly) pig pellet or custom feed mill blend, but maybe avoid Mazuri.

Some examples of our preferred brands:

  • Manna Pro Potbelly

  • Nature's Best Organic (Tractor Supply)

  • Champion Potbellied Pig Food (Ross Mill Farm)

  • Sharp's Mini Pig Feed (expensive)

  • Kruse Feed Pot Bellied Pig Pellets (Chewy)

  • Kalmbach Feeds Squeals of Joy Mini Pig Food (Chewy)

  • Modesto Milling Mini Pig feed

  • Local custom feed mill - pellets or powder, 16% protein "complete" or "maintenance" pig feed is a good place to start

Potbelly (or mini pig) pellets tend to have a finer grind and are gentler on the pig's GI lining.

Purina Pig & Sow Nature's Match, which is a "maintenance" type of feed to keep adult farm pigs at a steady weight, is a good short-term option that is not high calorie. However, farm pig pelleted feeds tend to have a coarser grind and may lead to ulcers long term.

We are not fans of Mazuri as it often leads to dry skin and eye seepage in pigs that eat it, but is a good option for some pigs that don't have issues.

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