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Your pig's diet - produce


Any vegetables your pig wants! White potatoes should be cooked (can cause stomach upset if raw), and raw sweet potatoes are fine as treats. Celery and cucumbers are great low-cal options. Note that carrots and peas are high in sugar.


Any fruit is good. Remove pits from stone fruits. Apple seeds/core are fine. Give as treats only to avoid weight gain.

Avoid salty foods in excess 

This includes dog and cat food as well as canned veg. Some sodium intake is fine (all mammals need some sodium!) but excessive salt intake can lead to salt toxicity where the pig will then take in too much water that then leads to dangerous brain swelling.

Toxic foods to avoid

· Peach leaves & seeds

· Nectarine leaves & seeds

· Apricot leaves & seeds

· Apple leaves & seeds

· Pear leaves & seeds

· Cherry leaves & seeds

· Plum leaves & seeds

· Broccoli roots & seeds

· Cabbage roots & seeds

· Turnip roots & seeds

· Mustard roots & seeds

· Cassava roots & seeds

· Wild or bitter almonds leaves & seeds (store bought are heated treated and safe)

· Tobacco leaves

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